How To Make A Round Battenberg


Make your templates

Cut out 2 circles of greaseproof paper, one 4" in diameter and one 2" in diameter.

Cut the Cake

round battenburg 1 Place the larger template in the middle of one of the sponge cakes and cut round it. Repeat on the other cake.

round battenburg 2 Place the smaller template in the middle of the cake and cut round it. Do the same on the other cake.

Build the Battenberg

round battenburg 3 Carefully lift the outer ring of one of the sponge cakes and place onto a cake board.

round battenburg 4 Spread some of the apricot jam onto the inside of the cake ring.

round battenburg 5 Take the inner ring of the other coloured cake and place inside.

round battenburg 6 Coat the inside with apricot jam.

round battenburg 7 Place the inner circle of the opposite coloured sponge in the middle. You should have alternating colours of sponge cake.

round battenburg 8 Spread a layer of apricot jam over the bottom layer of the cake.

round battenburg 9 Repeat the process for the top layer of the cake and then decorate it. A traditional battenberg should be covered with marzipan, but I used a thin covering of icing.

round battenburg 10 When you cut a slice out of the cake, the squares are revealed.